- Pigeon Island Tour -

A short time boat ride from diving center to Pigeon Island. Having snorkeling on Pigeon island means enter to the whole new world with tremendous and magnificent. Pigeon island one of great creation of Mother Nature. It is one of the marine national parks which has been declared by Sri Lankan Government. 300 coral fish have been recorded around Pigeon Island. There are many things to be spotted in this great island which will unforgettable. A great place to observe all kinds of reef fish and find a large variety of coral found in this place.

The depth range between 4m to 16m, and it consists hard and soft coral including disc anemones. The visibility is perfect for capturing enthusiastic and stunning moments of this reef. A Large formation of the rocky area makes tremendous and picturesque glance for the visitors. There are schools of fish, eels with rays add more tremendous and enormous feeling for divers. Underwater Photography one of unforgettable experience ever can be gained in here because it is a paradise for Scuba divers. Rate includes all equipment, dive guide, boat, entrance fee seperatly should pay.

PRICE : 40 $