- Whales Watching -

Trincomalee is a great place to observe the dolphin and whales. Commonly sight bottle nose dolphin and Spinner dolphin. It is a quite interesting journey that starts from Trincomalee. Not even that Blue whale also commonly sight in this deep blue sea. The tour organizers provide snacks and small meals for the attendees. This journey will make the tremendous and magnificent experience.

Watching Whales or Dolphin is planning with pre identified whales locations which certify through other boats on the same day. Whale tour operators are serving vast and unique service for the visitors and that is the best way to observe and enjoy the giant animal. The boats which are specially made for whale watching and perfectly match with east coast sea conditions. Not even that it is a perfect experience for the visitors that blended joy and happiness. Even hundreds of dolphins find in this journey. From May to September is the season for whale watching in Trincomalee.